Kym Marsh

It's a modern day irony that amidst the artificiality of television pop star competitions it takes a real person to shine through. Yet if it was Kym's independence of spirit that won her the initial pop platform, its also what led to her realisation that she was restricted in a large, formulated pop team.

Kym was never going to be contained for long in a committee.

The same self belief and need to communicate something real that got her up onto the merry-go-round of sudden stardom in the first place now carried her onto bigger things. Kym Marsh is laughing a lot these days, not just because she has a Wigan girls insight about the absurdities of her fast-forwarded showbusiness life, but also because she knows that her debut solo record is a stand up, stand tall, brilliant album.

Right now, Kym Marsh stands as the tallest 5 ft 4" singer in the country.