Most Dangerous Roads

Most Dangerous Roads

Starring: Ed Bryne, Andy Parsons. Sue Perkins, Liza Tarbuck, Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel

Rating: 4/5

Airing: Sunday 7th July – Sunday 22nd , BBC2


World’s Most Dangerous Roads was a real surprise hit last year. Despite sounding like a sensationalist Bravo countdown, it turned out to be a very enjoyable set of excursions with some of Britain’s brightest stand-ups.

Now returning to our screens, we get more delightful adventures from three more pairs of comedians.

That's the secret ingredient to World's Most Dangerous Roads. It makes what could, and really should, be a dry and turgid exercise into a fun and silly expedition with a couple of mates.

The chemistry between the pairs is crucial too. In too many 'celebs doing ...' shows the stars look forced and uncomfortable with each other, something Dangerous Roads avoids with the easiest of solutions.

The pairings are great choices too. Ed Byrne and Andy Parsons are all dry wit and sarcasm, while Sue and Liz are all frank honesty and nervous energy.

The cultural asides, despite treading that uncomfortable line that the rest of the show nicely sidesteps are still a nice change of pace.

More straight faced than the jokes and antics in the cars, they offer some of what the show sorely needs, depth. The sobering investigations in to the origins of Russia's 'Road of Bones' and the looks into the residual effects of the Nietnam war (both material and psychological) offer a stark dose of reality to the journeys.

What the show does effortlessly though is give each episode its own distinct style, ranging from the bleak winter the Ed and Andy face to the sun-scorched Africa wastes for Hugh and David. The hugely different sights, sounds and challenges, each episode feels so different and never makes the concept seem stale.

World's Most Dangerous Roads though does exactly what it sets out to be with aplomb. Engaging and enjoyable, it's really good Sunday night TV.

The journey might not stay with you for a while, but there's nothing quite like preparing for Monday's commute by watching people struggle to do the same.

FemaleFirst Cameron Smith