Though she’s now long out of the house, that hasn’t stopped Savannah from getting involved with Big Brother whenever she can, with the singer/songwriter now ranking her former fellow housemates on the show. Read on to find out what she had to say about each of them…

Savannah O'Reilly

Savannah O'Reilly

Kieran – 10/10 housemate. Really considerate, always looked out for me and a real, genuine guy.

Ellie – 9/10 housemate. Always welcomed me with open arms. Fun loving character. What you see is what you get, although she likes to avoid the cleaning!

Tom – 9/10 housemate. He is absolutely hilarious and made me laugh all the time. Liked to scream at me and play jokes on me, hence the 9/10.

Charlotte – 9/10 housemate. We cooked breakfast every day together and always had a laugh. She’s honest and to the point.

Chanelle – 8/10 housemate. She is real and outrageously true to herself. At times I felt she criticised me for not making more of an effort with her and a few other housemates, however I felt she never asked me any questions.

Raph – 7/10 housemate. Although I found him interesting, I was always worried there was a sneaky side to him.

Joe – 7/10 housemate. I loved Joe and only saw his good side. At times he got a little cranky if BB was stopping him from having a cigarette.

Isabelle – 6/10 housemate. At times I found her unreasonable in the house, but she is a nice girl; I [just] kind of wish she wasn’t in the shadow of Chanelle.

Deborah – 5/10 housemate. I did like her, however I was always wary of her alliance to her sister and the fact that she floated between groups.

Hannah – 3/10 housemate. I felt her mood was always up and down. I never knew where I stood with her and she sometimes stayed in bed for hours on end.

Big Brother continues weekly on Channel 5.

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