Alison Hammond wants to host 'Lorraine'.

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond

The 43-year-old television star has become a fan favourite since she joined 'This Morning' 16 years ago following her memorable stint on 'Big Brother' back in 2002 and, although she's interviewed some of the big names in Hollywood and chased after royalty during that time, she has admitted her ultimate goal is to stand in for Lorraine Kelly one day when she's on holiday or off sick.

Speaking on the early-morning breakfast show today (28.09.18), Alison said: "If you want me to stand in for you at any time, I'll be here."

To which Lorraine, 58, replied: "Alison, that's a brilliant idea.

"What a great idea, we shall make that happen."

As well as impressing viewers with her comedic outbursts, Alison has also won over the hearts of Hugh Jackman and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

She explained: "I forget that I'm on TV and then I become Alison.

"Most of these celebrities, they're in these rooms ding these interviews. They kind of want to enjoy themselves and I think they just go with it."

And even the interviews that don't go according to plan turn out to be a success as her giggly exchange with Harrison Ford ended up going viral.

She said: "I just don't think he's into doing the interviews. He's an older guy. I think I was just being really cheeky. It was a kind of crazy time to be honest with you. I think I've done much better interviews than that.

"I don't think I got any content. I think I went back to 'This Morning' and said 'listen guys, I don't think we got anything with this one, might as well shelf it.' They were like 'no we'll do something with it.'

"It was just us laughing, and that went viral. It just shows that people nowadays want to laugh and want to smile and if I can give people that that's brilliant."