Bill Bailey has asked his loved ones for new clothes for Christmas, because he’s lost so much weight performing on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

The 55-year-old comedian is currently competing on the BBC Latin and ballroom dance competition alongside his professional dance partner Oti Mabuse, and has said dancing is such a “great workout” that he now needs a whole new wardrobe, as his old clothes are too big for him.

Speaking during an appearance on ‘Lorraine’ as show host Lorraine Kelly commented on his weight loss, he said: “I’m going to have to get some new clothes. That’s on my list, I made that clear that’s on my Christmas list. Because it’s a great workout, this dancing, it really is. It’s a full body workout, it’s like proper aerobics. And yeah, most of my clothes don’t fit now.”

And when asked if he “feels healthier, better, and fitter”, he added: “I do! All of those things, very much so. It’s physically very demanding and I’ve got this newfound [strength].”

This Saturday (12.12.20), Bill and Oti will compete in the ‘Strictly’ semi-finals, and will have to perform two dance routines instead of the usual one.

And Bill has admitted learning two performances in a week has been “really tough” so far, although he and Oti are “making progress”.

After Lorraine spoke of the “big commitment” of learning two dances, Bill said: “It is, it’s a big ask because normally we have one week to just rehearse one dance, so this is really tough. We’ve already gone through the choreography, all the steps and the shape of the routine, and now it’s just a case of refining it, going through it all, and practicing and practicing. "Repetition is really the only way you can learn these things and get them into your bones. But it’s going quite well, we’re making progress.”