Gemma Collins thinks she could bring some "glamour" to British politics.

Gemma Collins thinks she could add some glamour

Gemma Collins thinks she could add some glamour

The 41-year-old TV star has joined forces with Channel 4 to promote the broadcaster's new reality show, 'Make Me Prime Minister', and Gemma has revealed what she could bring to the top job in British politics.

The outspoken star - who first found fame on 'The Only Way Is Essex' - said: "I would add glamour to the Houses of Parliament."

Gemma also joked joked that Prime Minister Liz Truss is facing some competition for her job.

She quipped: "GC for PM! Liz Truss, honey, move out of the way!"

The promotional video also features appearances from former England goalkeeper David James and 'Drag Race' star Lawrence Chaney, who suggested replacing tap water with Irn Bru.

The new show gives Brits a chance to share their own policy ideas, and it's set to air on Channel 4 on Tuesday (27.09.22).

However, Alastair Campbell - the former director of communications and strategy for Tony Blair's Labour government - insists that being prime minister is much harder than it looks.

He also observed that a number of the contestants have been guilty of underestimating the challenge.

He said: "The contestants in 'Make Me Prime Minister' are not the only ones who think politics is in a mess and that they could do the job better than Boris Johnson or Liz Truss. But I think they learned that the job is a lot harder than it looks.

"Some of them without doubt have real political talent and I hope they go into politics. They will also be pleased by the poll findings that people want our PM to have integrity, and be trustworthy and honest. So should we all."