Calum Best cancelled his appearance on 'Lorraine' at the last minute on Thursday (02.02.17).

Calum Best

Calum Best

The 35-year-old actor was meant to feature on the breakfast programme this morning to talk about his shock exit from 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this week with host Lorraine Kelly but he wreaked havoc for the show when he pulled out of the gig just moments before because he was "unwell."

Lorraine - who appeared to be slightly confused - told viewers: "Calum's called and he's not well, well someone else called for him. We wish him all the best!"

Although the 57-year-old presenter didn't seem overly convinced that the heartthrob was telling the truth, it's thought his ill health could have something to do with the ear infection he's been battling.

Calum - who is the son of the late George Best - revealed he'd been fighting ear ache during his time in the infamous abode during his exit interview with Emma Willis earlier this week and is convinced the excruciating pain had caused him to lose his temper with housemates Jedward.

He said: "I think the whole experience was starting to drain me and I was exhausted by the past few days.

"We had a task and people were telling me for the past two weeks they hadn't seen me as I'd been so boring. I couldn't [tell them] that for the past eight to ten days I had an ear infection that was killing me and I wanted to sleep it off.

"They obviously don't show those kind of things but it was wrecking me. I felt if I wasn't aired I wasn't getting much time. So that started to frustrate me and play on my mind.

"Jedward, bless them, they are so good in so many ways but at points when I'm trying to sleep at two in the morning and they're singing at the top of their lungs.

"I don't want to give anybody grief but there's a few times you start saying... they enjoy themselves but I feel sometimes they don't give that respect back and I think to live in a happy house there has to be mutual respect all around.

"That night I lost it [with them] which obviously didn't work in my favour as I can tell they are very liked. They are smart, they are successful. I can tell by talking to them they run a good business but when it comes to being people, living in a house and respecting, I found they lacked a bit of it with me, personally, and I think amongst the house, but overall I can't give them grief as they do well for themselves."