S Club want to make another TV series.

S Club want to return to TV

S Club want to return to TV

The group accompanied their chart career by playing fictionalised versions of themselves in the kids comedy series 'Miami 7', 'L.A. 7' and 'Hollywood 7' from 1999 to 2002 before making spin-off movie 'Seeing Double' in 2003, and now they are back on tour, albeit without Hannah Spearritt or the late Paul Cattermole, they are keen to make a return to the small screen too.

Rachel Stevens told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “I’m up for another one, we have toyed with the idea and have come up with ideas for another one, how we would all be now. That was always gonna be part of S Club, the TV show like a modern day Monkees.”

Jo O'Meara agreed: “It would be very interesting to see what actually happened at the end because we need closure."

However, she insisted the 'Bring It All Back' hitmakers wouldn't be going to the US again for another show.

She added: "But we would have to do it in London instead.”

And Tina Barrett ruled out the idea of the group - which also includes Bradley McIntosh and Jon Lee - making another movie.

She laughed: “We did an S Club movie that was what put us over the edge, after that we split up.”

While the 'Don't Stop Movin'' singers don't want to film in America again, they are excited to be heading to the US for their first tour their next month.

Rachel said: “We spent so much time in America because we filmed the TV show there, it feels like second home but never toured.”

Jo added: “It’s new territory for us performing as a tour.”

And Tina admitted: “We look at America as special, as it’s, ‘Wow everything is so big and glamorous’ .