'Coronation Street' star Sian Reeves asked to be taken on a tour of the Rovers Return before filming there, to make sure she wouldn't cry when the cameras started rolling.

Sian Reeves

Sian Reeves

The 53-year-old actress says she "settled in" on the ITV soap, but she had a tour of the legendary boozer before shooting a segment there because she was worried about breaking down in tears because of all the history attached to the fictional pub.

She said: "It's ['Corrie' is] a great place to be, everybody is very nice. I know Alison King from 'Cutting It' ... and the costume department, the make-up department.

"It was quite nostalgic going there having watched it since I was little.

"I got Paul, my friend, one of the dressers, to take me into the Rovers before I started shooting there. So I wouldn't cry, because I felt really wound up.

"Sally Ann [Matthews] was so kind with tips on how to pull a pint."

Sian has joined the soap as Tim Metcalfe's (Joe Duttine) secret wife Charlie Wood, but it looks like she will be departing the cobbles at some point because the actress had committed to a play, 'By The Waters Of Liverpool', but she would love to return for another stint.

Quizzed on whether we would see her on 'Corrie' for "a bit longer", she said: "I couldn't possibly say, but yes it would be really nice, I have had such a nice time there, but I was committed to 'By The Waters Of Liverpool'."

Sian has called for viewers to "tweet in" to 'Corrie' bosses if they would like to see her back on the cobbles.

During an interview on 'Lorraine', 'Corrie' fan and the show's host Lorraine Kelly admitted she would love to see Sian return to Weatherfield, and the former 'Mount Pleasant' star replied: "Oh thank you Lorraine, did you hear that? Tweet in."

Sian recently revealed she was nearly cast as Gina Seddon in 'Coronation Street', before landing the part of Charlie.

Revealing how the role came about, Sian said: "I've been flirting with 'Coronation Street' for a quite a while, actually.

"I've always wanted to be in it. I got down to the final screen test to play Gina, Sally's sister, and Sally [Dynevor] and Michael [Le Vell] were so lovely that when this part came up I was thrilled.

"The character of Charlie Wood has ticked every box for me and I still get to work with Sally."