Giovanna Fletcher wants to buy manure.

Giovanna Fletcher is growing her own crops

Giovanna Fletcher is growing her own crops

The 37-year-old star - who is married to McFly singer Tom Fletcher and has Buzz, eight, Buddy, six and four-year-old Max with him - went back to her Italian roots for new documentary series Made in Italy' and was inspired to become so sustainable after visiting the poor town, she is now on the lookout for animal waste so she can grow her own crops.

Asked if making the programme had made her given her a more sustainable approach to life, she said: "Definitely! I've got some spots in the garden that I definitely want to turn into vegetable patches and make it into an all-year-round garden that's giving us stuff. At the moment on the school run, I keep spotting signs for well-rotted manure. I'm like 'There's the manure, I need that' and I'm getting ready to buy it. I've always loved growing tomatoes, peppers, chilies. It's great for the kids too! Walking around the garden and having a little meander around and being able to pick stuff off, it's lovely."

The 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' winner added that it was "really special" to visit her father's home country and enjoyed getting to spend time with her dad even though she has her own life now.

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine'said: "I think anytime we're away and I was missing my kids, it was that realisation that we are dad's kids and although we're in our 30s, he's now getting that time to spend just with us that he never gets. I think as soon as grandkids are in the mix and people have their own lives, the parent doesn't get the one-on-one time so that was really special to spend that time with him. And going back to Italy and discovering more about his upbringing and the place we visited so often as kids. There were tears but there was so much laughter as well! It was ==as just really special - all the things that make dad great, going back to the roots and discovering why they are there. It's actually quite a poor region and discovering what that means to people in terms of growing their own food. My granny would reuse everything. She was like a Wonderwoman. Everyone tries to erase all of that now but that is journey and that is your life lived. Whatever land people have, they utilise it."

'Made in Italy' is set to air from Sunday 13 November on ITV.