Daisy May Cooper was laughing so much on 'Taskmaster' that host Greg Davies feared she would go into labour.

Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper

The 34-year-old actress - who has two children with husband Will Weston - was in fits of laughter on the comedy game show, resulting in presenters Greg and Alex Horne worrying her waters might have broken.

Greg told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column: “She’s a big laugher, she laughs very easily, and on many, many occasions I had to double check that we were dealing with a laugh here and not something else.”

What’s more, Johnny Vegas has also joined the panel on ‘Taskmaster’ as he was trying to battle a mid-life crisis.

The comic said: “I’m trying not to have a mid-life crisis. I could have just bought a sports car, couldn’t I? Or something less ludicrous. But some guy was moving to Australia and said this Maltese bus needed rescuing, so I bought it.

“As far as a mid-life crisis goes, I don’t think restoring a bus is quite as embarrassing as buying a Lamborghini.”

‘This Country’ star Daisy revealed she had welcomed her son last month in a heart-warming Instagram post.

She wrote: “The bubba has landed and he's absolutely perfect.”

Daisy - who has a daughter named Pip - later revealed she had named her newborn baby boy Jack Michael Weston after her late co-star Michael Sleggs.

She said: "Lots of you have been asking what the bubbas name is. We have named him Jack Michael weston.

"The middle name Michael after our dear friend Michael sleggs who we lost last year. May the spirit of sluggs live on! (sic)"

Michael passed away aged 33 in 2019 after living with a serious heart condition that saw him in and out of hospital for many years, and he was receiving palliative care for heart failure.