Greg Davies would love to take hallucinogenic drugs but he was warned off them in a harrowing letter from a friend.

Greg Davies vowed never to take LSD after a friend warned him never to dabble with drugs

Greg Davies vowed never to take LSD after a friend warned him never to dabble with drugs

The 55-year-old 'Taskmaster' star has admitted he's always wanted to have a wild night out on LSD but he's been put off ever since a university pal suffered a bad acid trip and wrote a lengthy note urging him never to touch the drug because he'd had such a terrifying experience.

Speaking Russell Howard on his 'Wonderbox' podcast, Greg explained: "I've never taken any kind of hallucinogen because I cannot relinquish control ... But I'd really love to. If someone could say, you'd definitely be alright, I'd be banging them every other day I think ... "

Greg went on to confess he'd planned to take LSD during a night out at university with his friend Jeff, but he'd had to go home to visit his sick dad instead so his mate took the acid without him - and Greg returned to find his pal in a sorry state with a note warning him never to take the "poison".

He explained: "When I was at uni ... we decided we were going to take some acid and I had a Scouse mate who could hook us up so I bought two tabs of acid and we were due to take them this weekend ...

"And them someone got ill, I think my dad was having heart surgery and it was all quite sudden so I had to go home. So I left Jeff with my Scouse friend to have his trip experience."

Greg returned to his shared house 48 hours later and was keen to find out about Jeff's fun night, but he was shocked to find out his mate had a really terrible time.

He added: "I was home for 48 hours. I came back on the Sunday night and they were due to take the acid on the Friday night. I went in and ... I was excited to find out about this wonderful journey he'd been on ...

"Jeff was in a foetal position in his room and he just ... pointed and next to his bed and there was an A4 pad and it was full of mad writing of his that he'd written on his acid trip and it started: 'Dear Greg, as a friend you must never take this poison'."

Greg then insisted it put him off for life. He added: "Lots of people have good times, he'd obviously just had a bad trip. There were whole A4 pages of: 'Every second lasts a year, every second lasts a year'. And that's a big factor why I have never indulged in it."