Jake Quickenden has suggested he will reunite with Danielle Fogarty.

Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden

The 'Dancing On Ice' champion was recently reported to have split from his fiancee, and though he confirmed they are taking "time apart", they are still close and speak regularly.

He said: "Obviously we like to remain private but right now we're having a bit of time apart, dealing with ourselves and work and being busy.

"I've so much respect for Dan and her family but for me, it's about taking time out and seeing what happens.

"There's not a bad word, I was with her on Monday, we still talk and I still love her to bits, but sometimes you've got to go away to come back."

And the 29-year-old star - who is currently on tour with strip troupe The Dreamboys - can't understand why people are so interested in his personal life.

Speaking on TV show 'Lorraine', he said: "I'm not used to that stuff, I think there's so much going on in the world, I don't know why anyone is bothered about someone else's life.

"For me, as long as you're being a good person, and mature..."

Host Lorraine Kelly added: "You'll work it out."

News of the split had come a few weeks after Jake admitted he was leaving wedding planning to Danielle.

He said: "'I haven't got a clue to be honest. We'll just roll with it and see how it goes.

"Until I've got a day off she's making all the arrangements, so it's a bit of a surprise party for me.

"It's going to be towards the end of the year. We're thinking September, October, November, December time. I think that's pretty much the end of the year, so we're just trying to get dates because I'm busy and Danielle works and we want all our friends and family there.

"Danielle's done a lot of it because I've been so busy but I think we're pretty good. We're figuring out what date right now but she's got her dress sorted so yeah, it's all looking pretty good. It's running smoothly. It's all thanks to her and her mum and my mum."