James Argent is looking for love.

James Argent is ready to find love

James Argent is ready to find love

The former ‘TOWIE' star - who previously opened up about his cocaine addiction after suffering two near-fatal overdoses and hitting rock bottom – is feeling better than ever and is now is looking for love.

He told The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column: "I’m single, I’m the best I’ve ever felt on the outside so why not try and find some love now? Do you know what I mean?"

However, James - who last unveiled his dramatic 13 stone weight loss transformation after undergoing a gastric bypass surgery - admitted that he has "no clue" what he is looking for after previously having had relationships with co-stars Gemma Collins, 41, and Lydia Bright, 31.

He said: "I don’t have a clue what I’m looking for. I’ve only had two girlfriends in the past and they’re both very, very different, so I don’t really have a type. That’s why I need the agent’s help again.”

James made his TV comeback on E4's 'The Real Dirty Dancing' and is seen recreating the iconic dance moves from the 1987 classic movie alongside 61-year-old TV presenter Anthea Turner and admitted to having a crush on the "legend".

He said: “Who doesn’t have a crush on Anthea Turner? When I found out she was doing the show with me, I thought, “Oh wow, that’s really cool”, because she really is a TV legend. An icon."

“I remember as a kid being at home, watching her on 'Blue Peter', always thinking how beautiful and glamorous she was.

"She always looked a million dollars.

“She was really cool with her dance routines, and she was really enthusiastic. She’s got something special about her!"