Janet Street-Porter's dog eats "human meals".

Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter

The 'Loose Women' panellist only sees her long-term partner Peter Spanton on weekends because of work commitments so he spends plenty of time bonding with their pet pooch, border terrier Badger, when she is not there, and even cooks him up delicious doggy delicacies such as liver with a side of cabbage and potatoes.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', she said: "I see my partner from late on Thursday to Monday morning. That's quite enough of him and the dog.

"The dog is his emotional support. He's so in love with the dog. The dog sleeps on the bed, he talks to the dog, the dog and he watch their favourite programmes.

"And then I arrive and I've interrupted it.

"Then he makes special dinners for the dog. Our dog has special cooked liver with cabbage and potatoes.

"I've never heard anything so ridiculous. He gets a human meal in a bowl.

"And it's almost a human meal size."

Janet, 72, was shocked to hear how her life resembles show host Lorraine Kelly, who also has a border terrier, and used to only see her significant other on weekends.

She told 59-year-old Lorraine: "That's weird you've got a border terrier, and you only saw your partner part of the time.

"Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? Although I'm miles older than you."

Lorraine added: "I think we might be twins."

Janet's mutt miff comes after she recently revealed she loves to chow down on roadkill.

She said: "I eat roadkill. If see a deer by the side of the road that's been hit by a lorry or a car [I pick it up], what else are you going to do?

"We used to eat it, there's nothing wrong with it. You can go on YouTube and watch a video on how to slaughter it.

"Venison is a free-range meat that lives on grains and it is very healthy, better than most chickens. I eat game, I eat fish, we had a fish last week that we caught, put a line in the river, caught a sea bass nothing wrong with that."

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