Ken Bruce is to present a TV version of his iconic radio quiz 'PopMaster' on More4.

Ken Bruce is to present a TV version of his iconic radio quiz PopMaster on More4

Ken Bruce is to present a TV version of his iconic radio quiz PopMaster on More4

The 72-year-old radio DJ made his debut on Greatest Hits Radio this week following his departure from BBC Radio 2 after more than 30 years, and he admitted there will be "added pressure" from the TV cameras when 'PopMaster' - which has been around since 1998 - heads to the small screen on the Channel 4 sister channel.

He said: "After all these years we are finally bring 'PopMaster' to the telly where we’ll be challenging music lovers from around the country to not only recall a range of facts and stats about chart toppers and beyond over the decades, but to do so under the glare of studio lights and with the added pressure of television cameras.

"I can't wait to get started - and find out whether I might have a face for TV after all!"

The six-part show will see contestants go head-to-head to answer 10 questions about pop music from the 1950s to the present day.

The victor will then have to name three UK Singles Chart hits from one artist or group in 10 seconds in the Three-in-Ten round, and the winner will land a place in a grand finale, which will decide the overall series champion.

Jo Street, Channel 4's Head of Features Daytime, said: "I feel like it has been my mission in life to bring 'PopMaster' to the telly so I am beyond thrilled to announce that the wonderful Ken Bruce is bringing his iconic and much-loved format from radio to television, finding a home on More4.

"Fans will now be able to go from shouting answers at their speakers to shouting them at the screen. I can’t wait to play along!"

Last month, Ken insisted he has "absolutely" no ill will towards the BBC following his Radio 2 exit.

After being asked by Lorraine Kelly on her ITV1 chat show ’Lorraine’ if he and the BBC had any "hard feelings", the 72-year-old broadcaster said: “Absolutely not”.

Lorraine deemed it "great" that he decided on a new frontier professionally, and Ken responded: "That's right, there is a time in your life where you say, 'Do I keep on doing this forever and ever and watch a slow decline?'

"Or, do you give yourself a kick up the backside and try something new.

"I mean, it's not brand new because I'm more or less doing the same thing, but it's a different environment and a commercial station which I've never worked on before.

"So it will be a little challenge but enough of a challenge to keep me on my toes."

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