Craig David gave Lorraine Kelly a huge birthday surprise this morning (30.11.17) as he turned up on her breakfast show and presented her with a colourful bouquet of flowers.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 58-year-old host has made no secret of the fact she's a massive fan of the '7 Days' hitmaker - even partying with him in Marbella over the summer - so her reaction was priceless when he waltz into the studio clutching a beautiful bunch of blooms.

As she ran towards him, she shrieked: "I thought you were away!

"Oh my goodness me, what a lovely surprise - this is lovely."

Craig, 36, said as he sat on the sofa: "You've got this Benjamin Button thing going on, you're getting younger and younger."

And that wasn't the only surprise she got today as Lorraine couldn't believe her eyes when kilted yoga guru Finlay Wilson flashed her as he gave her an example of the types of exercises he likes to perform while kitted out in his knee-length skirt.

She said: "It's a joy to see you! I'm absolutely loving the kilt! Oh. Oh I say. Oh Finlay! I'd be in hospital! Are you alright there? You're like a paperclip!"

But she got even more of an eyeful when he threw himself up into the handstand position and shoved his bottom - emblazoned with the words "happy birthday" on his white boxer shorts - in her direction.

She squeaked: "Oh hello," before she spotted the message and clapped her hands.

Lorraine later filled Craig in on all the antics from earlier on in the morning.

She explained: "I got a lovely view, he did a handstand, it was remarkable."