Lorraine Kelly believes she should have been "arrested" for the outrageous outfits she used to wear.

Lorraine Kelly and Maxine Jones

Lorraine Kelly and Maxine Jones

The 57-year-old television personality - who is known for presenting 'Lorraine' for seven years - has admitted she doesn't feel any "pressure" to dress a certain way and believes the anxiety is self-inflicted, although she has admitted she has had a number of fashion faux pas in the past.

Speaking in a Q&A ahead of an Amazon.co.uk fitness class at London's Amazon European Photography Studio on Thursday (12.01.17), which she co-hosted with her friend and fitness instructor Maxine Jones to celebrate the launch of her fitness DVD 'Brand New You', the Scottish-born star said: "I really don't [feel pressure to look a certain way]. One of the joys of working for breakfast telly is even when I was at my biggest, even when I was wearing things that frankly I should have been arrested for, nobody ever did [arrest me]. They should have!

"It's pressure from yourself I think."

And the nation's sweetheart - who launched her workout video in December last year - has revealed she has dropped a number of dress sizes since she started working out with Maxine, and has a more visible waist line than she did when she was 30 years younger.

She explained: "I mean, I've got a waist! I didn't have a waist when I was 27 and I'm 57 now. That's an amazing breakthrough. I can wear sleeveless tops on the telly! That's something that's just astonishing."

And the brunette beauty has hinted she feels "more confident" about her appearance since shedding the weight, and feels comfortable wearing ensembles she would never had worn before.

She said: "When you feel better about yourself and you feel more confident, you wear things that you probably wouldn't have worn before."

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