Lorraine Kelly tells people to "f**k off" when she is annoyed.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

Although the 59-year-old TV presenter is known for her cheery personality on screen, Lorraine admitted she can be forceful when she is pushed and she is not afraid to put people in their place.

When asked on Channel 4's 'The Rob Rinder Verdict ' if she is actually "secretly ruthless", Lorraine said: "Oh I do! I mean I do tell people to f**k off. I mean I really do! Only if they really deserve it though. It does take a lot to get me annoyed."

Guest star Jason Manford joked: "It's like a teacher swearing! You know when your teacher swears and you're 11."

Meanwhile, along with hosting her own daytime chat show 'Lorraine', it was recently revealed that Kelly will join 'Drag Race UK' for the Snatch Game challenge.

The TV presenter and 'Strictly Come Dancing' champion Stacey Dooley are set to guest judge the iconic challenge, which sees the competing queens showcase their best celebrity impersonations.

Speaking about their guest appearances, Lorraine said: "It was hilarious! I had such good fun. I am in awe of every single one of the queens."

Stacey added: "I had the most incredible time. Didn't know what to expect. They were magic all of them. So impressive. It was brilliant."

Snatch Game is a parody of the US show 'Match Game', and the UK's 'Blankety Blank'.

The main judges on the BBC Three show will include RuPaul and Michelle Visage, while Alan Carr and Graham Norton will rotate between episodes.

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