Lorraine Kelly is grateful she doesn’t feel the “pressure” to see her relatives over the festive period.

Lorraine Kelly is looking forward to a quiet break

Lorraine Kelly is looking forward to a quiet break

The 63-year-old presenter and her husband Steve celebrated their wedding anniversary with their loved ones last month, so they think it is fine not to worry about carving out the time to see as many people between Christmas and New Year as they usually would.

Lorraine said: "Christmas will be reasonably quiet. [Our daughter] Rosie threw us a surprise party for our anniversary last month with all our friends and family so, luckily, we don’t have the pressure to see everyone.

“We’ll still do Zoom calls with the family.”

On 25 December, Lorraine planned to take on cleaning duties because her husband was doing the cooking.

She said in an interview carried out before the big day: “We’ll have our dinner later than usual as Rosie will be working until 3pm, Steve is much better at cooking so he’ll take care of it all.

“I don’t find it particularly enjoyable, whereas I do enjoy sitting with a glass of wine, watching him create something fantastic.

“I’m happy to clean up afterwards.”

Despite losing 20lbs this year, Lorraine wasn’t going to restrict her diet over the festive period.

She said: “I’ll definitely be going for it at Christmas.

“It’s only one day and you don’t want to be the party pooper.

“We’ll still have puddings and chocolates and I’m a big believer in having treats, just not every night.”

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