Lorraine Kelly thinks the coronavirus pandemic has given people "a wake-up call".

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 60-year-old TV presenter is trying to take some positives from the global crisis, and insisted the ongoing situation has brought out the best in a lot of people across the UK.

Writing for The Sun newspaper, she said: "It is as though in this time of adversity we have rediscovered a strong community spirit.

"I happen to think it has always been there. It has just taken this crisis to give us all a wake-up call to realise what is most important - our family, our friends and our fellow human beings."

The 'Lorraine' host's ITV show has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but she has been co-hosting on 'Good Morning Britain' from 9pm in a move to "minimise the number of staff" on site.

The star has been enjoying "a daily walk" and it has shown her a "change in attitude".

She added: "To raise my spirits, I go for a daily walk with my little dog Angus. I do not see as many people as usual - and I obviously keep a safe distance from any I do - but I have seen a real change in attitude.

"Everyone now shouts a cheery greeting or exchanges a rueful smile and wave. There is a real sense of us all being in this together.

"Like many of you, I have been feeling anxious and unsettled, but focusing on the positives has been keeping me sane."

Her comments come after she suggested her daughter Rosie is "probably better off" in Singapore - where she lives - as the country "really [has] a handle" on the virus, which has killed more than 21,000 people worldwide.

She recently said: "In a way I think she's probably better off there. Because they really have a handle on it, and have from the very, very start.

"We, at the moment, are running to catch up. Everyone is doing their best, the government is doing their best, they're all trying their best."

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