Lorraine Kelly missed her ‘Lorraine’ hosting duties for a third day due to suffering from a "hideous bug".

Lorraine Kelly missed her show for a third day due to a 'hideous bug'

Lorraine Kelly missed her show for a third day due to a 'hideous bug'

Broadcaster Ranvir Singh, 45, has filled in for the 63-year-old presenter this week after Lorraine was sent home by ITV bosses with a “hideous bug".

But Lorraine’s replacement Ranvir - who usually co-hosts ‘Good Morning Britain' - explained on Thursday (24.02.23) that Lorraine was “feeling better” and would return on Monday (27.02.23).

The news was first broken by Kate Garraway earlier in the week, who celebrated Ranvir for stepping in at the last minute.

The 55-year-old host said: “Usually at this point in the show we'd be chatting to Lorraine but I think in almost a first in her 30-year-plus history, she's actually gone home, she's not well.

“She's got a bug! We're wishing you well, Lorraine. Ranvir is to the rescue, she's on her way in.”

From her sick bed, Lorraine expressed her sadness about being unable to get to natter with Adam Lambert on the ITV chat show.

She wrote on Twitter: “When you have to be sent home from work early in the morning because you are suddenly attacked by a hideous bug and were looking forward to interviewing @adamlambert THAT! Beyond disappointed but imagine if I had infected him !!!!!! (sic)"

Recently, during a handover, Lorraine went red when 'GMB' presenter Ben Shephard mentioned a newspaper article that claimed her husband Steve Smith - who she has been married to for more than three decades - sends her racy text messages.

Ben said: “He often likes to say how wonderful you're looking in the morning in an affectionate way.”

Lorraine responded: “It depends what I'm wearing. It depends how much I'm showing.

“Sometimes he does say, 'Nice boobs', before asking of the story: 'How did they get hold of that? Where did that come from? Have I been talking too much again?' "