Lorraine Kelly mutes Twitter trolls so they carry on "ranting in an empty room".

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 58-year-old TV presenter takes a no-nonsense approach to people who send her abuse on social media, but instead of blocking them, which users can find out about, she simply clicks the mute button and no longer has to see the comments without her haters knowing.

Speaking to Shayne Ward, she said: "I mute, because if you block they know. If you mute they're still ranting in an empty room. It's a good way of doing it, it really is."

'Coronation Street' star Shayne admitted he "loves" to block Twitter users who become a bit much on his social media account because they are left "powerless".

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he said: "I get it all the time, but I love the power of block. That's the special button on social media. It leaves them powerless."

It's not the first time Lorraine has hit out at Twitter users.

In June 2016, Lorraine put a social media user in their place after they claimed a picture of her had been airbrushed, but she insisted a mark on her leg was as a result of a "serious accident" rather than any Photoshop changes.

The Twitter user wrote: "Anyone else notice the disfigurement to Lorraine's right leg (inner thigh) due to airbrushing (sic)"

But Lorraine hit back: "Cheryl - this is a scar on my leg from a serious accident when I was trampled by a horse. Pics are untouched. (sic)"

After a fan of Lorraine commented that it was "terrible" to hear about her accident, the Scottish presenter admitted some comments about her injury still "sting a bit".

She wrote: "I'm not as self conscious about it now - but remarks like that do sting a bit! (sic)"

Lorraine was left hospitalised in 2016 after the traumatic accident when a horse she was riding stopped in its tracks before a small jump, and she fell off.