Lorraine Kelly would "never ever" do 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 57-year-old television personality has ruled herself out of ever taking part in the BBC One latin and ballroom show as she thinks she would be "rubbish".

Asked if she'd ever sign up to the celebrity dance competition, she told The Sun Online: "Never, ever, ever. I would be rubbish. You know how Ed Balls was rubbish in a really good way and we loved him and Russell Grant and all the rest, because actually they had some rhythm, I would just be rubbish. I wouldn't even be fun rubbish. Something like that, I love watching it but it does take over your whole life."

However, Lorraine feels great in herself and believes her husband Steve Smith has seen a big change in her confidence levels since she started working out.

She said recently: "I feel better now, I'm 57 now, I feel more enthused and energetic and full of energy and positivity than when I was 27.

"Steve doesn't mind, as long as I'm happy he's happy. He would like me regardless, it doesn't matter what I am. I think he sees that I feel better about myself and I think that's really good because you know what it's like as you get older, confidence is that thing that can go, so this has been amazing."

And Lorraine insists exercising isn't about "being glamorous".

She added: "Exercise isn't about being glamorous, the sweatier you get the better as it means you're working hard. Exercise can really empower you and make you feel strong as well as keep you healthy - it's so important. I want a healthy happy Britain ...

"I've got more energy. It's not just about how you feel physically, it's mentally as well. It's just great, it's a fantastic stress buster and sometimes I go and I feel tired and stressed, and I come out of there like a new woman. I just feel so much better."

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