Lorraine Kelly was told she was "going to die" by online trolls after receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 61-year-old TV presenter recently received the vaccination and discussed getting the jab with Dr Hilary Jones on her ITV show, saying it was "so quick and so easy".

She said: "I got it. It's just so quick and so easy. I felt my arm was a teeny teeny bit sore but that was it."

A video of Lorraine receiving the vaccine has been posted online. But the veteran presenter has revealed that she's been inundated with critical comments by some social media users.

She shared: "The reason we put stuff online is to encourage people to have the vaccine. I couldn't believe the comments I got. There's some seriously stupid people out there.

"There's people who have obviously got concerns and I get them completely but there's different to having concerns and people saying to me 'you are going to die' because I got had the vaccine. I mean, come on."

Dr Hilary also rubbished the trolls and hit back at the conspiracy theorists.

He said: "There are some down right fantasists out there.

"It is beyond comprehension. This is not an experimental vaccine. 23 million people have been vaccinated with no major side effects, It's a triumph. It really is."

Lorraine announced news of her vaccination last week, posting a picture of her registration card for the jab on Twitter.

She also encouraged her online followers to get the vaccine, saying she's "so lucky to have the opportunity".

Lorraine wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "Vaccinated! So relieved! Easy peasy - didn’t feel a thing - thanks so much to all the cheery volunteers and NHS staff who made it SO simple!!

"Please please get vaccinated!! We are so lucky to have the opportunity Xxx. (sic)"