Lorraine Kelly believes Gemma Collins will "surprise us" with her skating skills if she "actually does the work and behaves herself" in the next few weeks.

Lorraine at the National Television Awards

Lorraine at the National Television Awards

The 59-year-old TV presenter thinks the 37-year-old reality star has the potential to shine on 'Dancing on Ice', but only if she is committed to improving on the ice.

When asked if her opinions of Gemma - who she previously predicted would quit 'Dancing on Ice' early - have changed since the series began, Lorraine exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'll give it another couple of weeks, If she continues to put in the work, actually does the work and behaves herself, I think she might surprise us.

"The GC is a bit of a cartoon isn't it? I think Gemma Collins the girl has been quite upset by all the comments, I think she has really been quite upset by it all."

While the host has sympathised with Gemma - who has been blasted as "lazy" and "mediocre" by the hit ITV show's judge Jason Gardiner - she also admitted if you enter a competition as demanding as 'Dancing On Ice', you have to push yourself.

When she asked if she had "felt for" Gemma at the National Television Awards at London's The O2 on Tuesday night (22.01.19), she said: "I have because it's horrible, but if you do a show like that you've got to put in the work, so it's so far so good and the public really love her, which is why she's been kept in, and for goodness sake she's entertaining! She really is entertaining."

This comes after Lorraine previously predicted 'The Only Way Is Essex' star will "walk out on episode one" of 'Dancing on Ice'.

Speaking last year, the TV presenter said: "She won't do it [the show].

"You know she's going to walk out on episode one ... or even before that."