Lorraine Kelly only styles her hair once a week.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 'Lorraine' presenter has to get herself ready for work on her ITV daytime slot on 'Good Morning Britain' because social distancing measures mean make-up artists, hairdressers and other experts are unable to be in close contact with her but she's found ways to make the job easier following a number of "masterclasses".

She told You magazine: "It's been a wee learning curve but Helen, who normally does my make-up, has been giving me masterclasses, talking me through everything. I tend just to do my hair on Mondays, then use tons of hairspray as the week goes on to keep it in place."

And Lorraine is thankful she had her hair dyed shortly before the measures were imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

She added: "So I've been quite lucky; it's only in the past week that the grey patches have started to come."

The 60-year-old star has been raiding last year's wardrobe for her show outfits as she's got a range of garments that are no fuss, but her stylist has also helped her choose new pieces online.

She said: "God bless M&S and Zara - they've been lifesavers. And I've been wearing a lot of things from last year, things that don't need ironing that I can just shove in the washing machine and bring back out."

A lack of staff means Lorraine is now using the same studio as 'Good Morning Britain' - but she can't sit down on the set until her chair has been "fully hosed down and sterilised" as Piers Morgan uses it first.

She said: "I sit in Piers's chair, but first it's fully hosed down and sterilised!"

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