Lorraine Kelly underwent keyhole surgery on her shoulder over the festive period.

Lorraine Kelly undergoes keyhole surgery

Lorraine Kelly undergoes keyhole surgery

The 'Lorraine' presenter admitted she had a "really quiet" Christmas and new year because she was recovering after going under the knife, but insisted she is "all fine".

She said: "I had the most quiet one ever as I had a wee operation on my shoulder, it's been annoying me for ages.

"Thank you to Professor Levy and his brilliant team because, oh my goodness, keyhole surgery is incredible.

"I just had to remove some calcification and a little bit of bone and, yeah, I’m doing my physio and I’m all fine. But we had a really quiet one at Christmas and New Year."

The 63-year-old star has been doing recovery exercises, and admitted she is "getting there".

Asked by Dr Hilary Jones if she had a little drink "for the pain", she said: "Yes, you said it was alright to have one or two.

"I was actually very, very well behaved and I’m fine and I’m doing lots of different exercises, I’m getting there.

"How amazing is keyhole surgery? It’s extraordinary."

Lorraine also thanked her husband Steve Smith, and daughter Rosie Smith, 28, for looking after her.

Speaking on her ITV show, she said: "Rosie and Steve looked after me and Rosie obviously takes after me in the cooking department, not."

In 2012, Lorraine nearly died when she suffered a horse riding accident after falling from an equine, leaving her with a deep wound in her thigh.

She said at the time: "A couple of millimetres one side or another then the artery would have gone. I would have died."