Lorraine Kelly’s mum is facing kidney dialysis.

Lorraine Kelly’s mum is facing kidney dialysis

Lorraine Kelly’s mum is facing kidney dialysis

The 64-year-old presenter was left worried last July when her mother Anne, 81, was taken into hospital after having been previously admitted in February 2023.

She suffers nephrotic syndrome, which stops her kidneys functioning properly, and Lorraine has now told Your magazine about her condition: “Mum might need to go on dialysis although she’s doing so well at the moment.

“I would want to go to sessions with her.”

Lorraine was also left devastated last year at the death of ITV digital producer Hannah Hawkins from breast cancer aged 33 – and by the passing of Dame Deborah James in June 2022 aged 40 after her fight with bowel cancer.

She said about how the losses made her re-evaluate her life: “Losing them has made me want to grab my life.

“We have to find some joy when we can.”

Lorraine is on the verge of publishing her first novel, ‘The Island Swimmer’, which she says is about a lonely woman called Evie facing up to past secrets and a traumatic childhood when she returns home and joins a group of cold-water swimmers in Orkney, off the north-eastern coast in Scotland.

She said: “Novelist Marian Keyes once told me that your characters can take you places you don’t expect and I wasn’t sure what she meant, but now I know that they actually do.”

Lorraine added she was only able to finish the book thanks to support from her husband of 31 years, former cameraman Steve Smith.

She said: “I just don’t know what I’d do without him, it would be like cutting my arm off.

“It’s thanks to him I was able to find the time to write my novel. He takes a lot of the burden of the day-to-day running of things and shouldered a lot more last year.”

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