'Love Island' star Michael Griffiths has vowed to meet up with his ex-girlfriend Joanna Chimonides to try and build a friendship between them.

Michael and Joanna

Michael and Joanna

The hunky firefighter was dumped from the ITV2 reality dating show last week just shortly after he made the decision not to quit the villa when Joanna was voted off.

Following her departure, Michael turned his attention back to first squeeze Amber Gill leading to Joanna to insist that there would be no second chance for him outside of the show but the Liverpool lad hopes he see her and smooth things over between them.

In an interview on 'Lorraine', he said: "Me and Amber have made up, we're really good friends and I'm happy we left things doing good, and with Joanna, I've only seen her on 'Aftersun' so I'm hoping to have a nice little sit down when we can.

"I really want to sit down and speak to her because right now she hasn't got any kind of clarity on it. She's seen what she seen on TV but I want to expand it."

Michael, 28, also insisted the thing he missed about Amber when he re-coupled with Joanna was their friendship because they bounced off one another so well.

He said: "We bounced off each other so much that it was that side I was missing. I'm happy I got to clarify that with Amber."

Michael has still been watching 'Love Island' since leaving and he thinks his friend Jordan Hames started to think about life beyond the programme when he decided to tell model India Reynolds that he had feelings with her even though he has been in a committed relationship with Anna Vakili for the majority of his time in the villa. His actions have seemingly ended the pair's romance.

On Jordan's actions, he said: "Me, Anton (Danyluk) and Jordan all sat around and said it's not really the best idea if you don't really know if it's going to work on the outside and then Jordan's gone ahead and done it.

"You need to think about what you're going to do before you act on it because if you're not sure then speak to Anna to see if you can clear things up with her."

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