Patsy Palmer wants to enjoy "every second" of 'Dancing on Ice.'

Patsy Palmer wants to enjoy every second of her time on Dancing on Ice

Patsy Palmer wants to enjoy every second of her time on Dancing on Ice

The 50-year-old actress - who is best known for having starred as Bianca Jackson on 'EastEnders' on a sporadic basis since the early 1990s - is currently taking part in the ITV skating competition alongside professional partner Matt Evers and explained that she wants to find the "courage" to enjoy the opportunity rather than letting it go by.

"I'm really trying to enjoy every second because as we know we do things over the years for work and they go by in a flash they're amazing experiences but you're never going to get them again and you spend so much time being nervous and petrified that you look on them and you think 'I just wish I'd found the courage to enjoy that' and that's what I'm trying to do. It's working a little bit. I love [Matt], we're friends now and he is a beautiful human being.

The former 'Masked Singer' contestant went on to add that she wants to "keep trying" throughout her time on the show and reflected that she felt "really sad" that footballing legend John Fashanu became the first celebrity eliminated from the competition because he had "put so much" into skating before explaining that turning 50 was her inspiration to sign up to the show in the first place .

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine', she added: "I want to just keep trying and trying. It is baby steps. There's no point trying to push yourself to more than you can do. I feel sad that John went out because I wanted to see his journey. He had everything about him that wanted to improve. His age, he's very big and that's challenging. BUt he had put so much into this. You hope oyou can stay in long enough but there's a lot of factors. One is that it's very physical so it's dangerous so anything can happen. You can get injuries. We've had a couple of spectacular falls!

"When I turned 50 last year, I was shocked. I woke up and was not sure it was right. I didn't feel 50 and was like 'I'm not having it!', I'm just going to enjoy myself so I decided to do everything I can to enjoy myself. Everyone was saying do it. And I'm learning a lot about myself!"