'Taskmaster' will make its debut on Channel 4 on October 15.



The acclaimed comedy series has moved from Dave to Channel 4 for the upcoming tenth series, which will feature Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring.

Host Greg Davies and loyal sidekick Alex Horne will be keeping score as the participants tackle perplexing challenges for the sake of entertainment.

'This Country' star Daisy admitted earlier this year she had an "absolute blast" filming the series, and said she was "slightly in love" with Johnny.

She wrote on Instagram: "The rumours are true, I shall be in the next series of taskmaster! It's been an absolute blast and I may be slightly in love with Johnny vegas. (sic)"

Johnny said he considers Daisy to be his "heroine" and joked the pair have an "anger issue-fuelled crush" on each other.

He tweeted: "She scares me, but in a dangerously hilarious way #daisymaycooper you're my hero/heroine

"There is a crazy creative/anger issue fuelled crush going on between #daisymaycooper and myself. The child ain't mine but my tiny hands and task mastering incompetence are all her's. Have my points, all of 'em and take this @Channel4 @taskmaster by the f###### horns crazy lady (sic)"

Ed Gamble, who won last year's series of 'Taskmaster' believes the move to Channel 4 is "great" for the programme.

He wrote: "Dave did such an amazing job - from commissioning the show to promoting it and letting them have artistic freedom.

"But nobody can deny that any opportunity for the show to be seen by more people is anything other than great."