Vicky Pattison has confirmed her wedding will take place in July 2019.

Vicky Pattison on Lorraine

Vicky Pattison on Lorraine

The former 'Geordie Shore' star revealed last month she had put her nuptials to John Noble back so she could appear on the Australian version of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!', but the couple have now set a date for their big day.

Speaking to TV presenter Lorraine Kelly on her morning talk show 'Lorraine', she said: "It's going to happen next summer. Between me and you, July, your invite's in the post."

While Vicky, who was crowned Queen of the Jungle in the UK version of 'I'm A Celebrity', had an "amazing" time appearing in the South African-based Aussie version of show, she now realises she was "crackers" to be away from her fiance for so long.

She said: "They run theirs for six weeks. That is a huge difference. You really feel it. You start to believe 'I was born in this jungle'.

"I loved it Lorraine. You know me, I'm a big jungle fan, second one now, I could do the hat-trick and do the German, who knows?

"It was an amazing experience, but being away from John it was too much. None [no contact], absolutely nothing. I'm crackers, I'm not doing it again."

As well as a wedding on the way, the 30-year-old reality TV star could have a baby soon as she and John are "open" to starting a family and have been "practising lots".

She added: "It's looking like it could be something that's happening, we are more open to it. We're doing lots of practising Lorraine - especially after four weeks of absence."

Last month, Vicky revealed she had to put back her wedding from this year because she simply didn't have time to plan a nuptials because of her 'I'm A Celebrity' commitments.

She said: "It was going to be this year and everyone was speculating - why is it going to be put back? Is she pregnant, have they fallen out of love? Does she have cold feet?

"No - I'm off to the bl**dy jungle! I haven't got time to plan a wedding!"