Viggo Venn entered ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ “as a joke”.

Viggo Venn only entered Britain's Got Talent as a joke

Viggo Venn only entered Britain's Got Talent as a joke

The 33-year-old comic - who beat dancer Lilliana Clifton,13, and magician Cillian O’Connor, 13, in the final of the ITV1 talent competition - only auditioned because he had a tight five and hoped at best it would lead to a “funny clip on the internet.

He told “I was doing five-minute open mics, and that’s kind of the length of an audition on 'Britain’s Got Talent', so I thought it would be funny to enter as a joke. I thought I’d be the first one out.

“I was wearing a red vest, and I thought it would be funny to bust it out when I got all the red crosses. I thought maybe it could then be a funny clip on the internet.”

Viggo - who will perform at the Royal Variety Show later this year as a result of his win - admitted that he “felt a bit embarrassed” about his victory as there were some backlash to it.

He said: “I felt a bit embarrassed about winning as obviously there are some people who didn’t vote for me.

“It’s kind of surprising for a clown to win because we’re supposed to lose and lose and lose. It’s our thing, then the one thing I won is Britain’s Got Talent.

“I’m not complaining though.

“I heard I broke a record in the semi-final with 43 per cent of the vote.

“I’ve been trying not to analyse why I won too much, but I think people needed some joy after difficult times. I’m not political, I don’t bring anything except joy.”

Viggo explained that he missed his intital ‘Lorraine’ booking because he wanted to do his “own final” in a comedy club.

He said: “The night after the BGT final I booked in to do a live show at a comedy club in London. I thought it would be hilarious to do my own final after the actual final as a joke.

“I honoured the booking even though I did end up winning - some people were shocked I was there. I did a show at 10’o clock on Monday evening, and then I got some chest pain.

“I needed to have some rest.”

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