Proving that Big Brother only selects the *ahem* finest members of society for the show, Kris, Charlie, Saffia and Noirin have already discussed the prospect of masturbating in the Big Brother house.

Although it’s possibly something everyone in the house is privy to from time to time, when Noirin asked the other housemates if they would consider masturbating during their time on the show, Saffia seemed horrified at the thought of it!

However, ladies man Kris, who obviously wanted to keep up his hunky bravado, said; "It depends on how long I'm in here, but I'll have to." To which Noirin pointed out; "Girls can go for years without doing it. I don't do it and I haven't had sex for six months."

Obviously Charlie tried to make light of the situation by pretending masturbate underneath a quilt whilst practising his sex face before asking the others: "What do you think looks the best?"

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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