Amy Childs is also in the celebrity house

Amy Childs is also in the celebrity house

Another day, another task. This afternoon, Big Brother set Darryn a secret mission that saw him returning to his day job.

They called him into the diary room to tell him that he was responsible for taking exclusive 'shock horror' photographs of the celebrity housemates for a new Big Brother photo agency.

Armed with a digital camera diguised as a cigarette packet, Darryn was told he would have one hour to get the 'money shots' that would match Big Brother's following headlines:

'Get Hoff Me!'
'When Paddy met Sally'
'Storm in a D cup'
'Love is in the air'
'Oh Brother Where Art Thou'

If Darren successfully gets shots that cover three of the headlines, the whole house will recieve a pap party. If he gets shots for all five headlines, he will also win a personal prize.

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