Ultimate Big Brother has only been going for two days, but it looks as though Josie has already had enough and is thinking aobut going home.

We know it must be hard to go from spending all day in bed with John James to sharing 'her' house with a load of random strangers, well, she does have John McCririck, Makosi and Coolio in there with her.

Regardless of the fact that she's made BFF's with Brian Dowling, she is really missing her old Big Brother friends and struggling to get on with a lot of the new ones. Last night she had a good cry in the Diary Room, confessing to Big Brother, "I can’t handle it anymore. I feel really trapped in here. I just want to go. I really want to go. I went out there and I’ve seen all my friends and family, and then I’ve seen John and I’ve just had to walk straight back in here. I’m not like these people. They’re all celebrities. I’m normal."

She then begged BB to send John James in to keep her company… oh Josie, don't you realise you're still a great woman without John James, if you hadn't met him, you'd be having a whale of a time in UBB now!

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