Last week’s Big Brother Canada eviction saw late entrant Merron Haile sent packing, in the closest vote in the house to-date. We caught up with the season’s latest casualty to find out a little bit more about his experience, who he’d like to see walking out of the house next, and just who he thinks has the best shot to take this game the whole way!

Merron was evicted from Big Brother Canada S6

Merron was evicted from Big Brother Canada S6

Why do you think you were chosen by Canada to go into the Big Brother Canada house?

I think I was chosen because I’m a very genuine person. I wasn’t trying to put up a front or trying to be someone else; I thought I was as authentic as I could be. I think I’m a nice guy! (laughs) I think that’s what the main thing was, that I wasn’t trying to be anything else; I wasn’t being super extra for the cameras or anything like that, I think that’s what it was. I hope that’s what it was.

This was the closest vote to evict we’ve seen so far; why do you think that was?

I think that was because Ryan was very clear in who his targets were. He made it very obvious who he was gunning for, and Daela I feel wanted him out because they couldn’t trust him and they kinda saw how crazy he was, and then Ale was a pretty obvious reason, but they definitely did not like each other. I think that’s why it was so close. Just because he made it obvious who he wouldn’t out, and Daela did not enjoy his presence in the house.

Who would you like to see evicted next from the house and why?

I would like to see Erica or Maddy. Erica just because I want someone to build up the confidence to actually take a shot. Maddy just because I felt like she did me dirty a little bit.

At this point in the game, who do you think has the best shot to take it all the way?

I feel like Johnny does, Johnny has the chance to get all the way just because he’s done such a good job; his social game’s incredible, everybody loves him, he’s great at competitions as well, so I think he has a great chance.

If you could make it back into the house somehow, how would you make sure you made it to the end of the game?

I think I’d be more aggressive with my game talk with everybody in the house, and win a damn competition! That’s also one of the things I would make sure I would do!

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global.

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