Former rugby star Max Evans is looking forward to taking to the ice this weekend, on the brand new series of ITV’s Dancing On Ice. Hoping that his old teammates and fans will be getting behind him when he competes in the show, he admits: “I like to think maybe the ladies will be impressed by some of my dance moves!”

Max Evans isn't afraid to show some flesh / Credit: ITV

Max Evans isn't afraid to show some flesh / Credit: ITV

After watching his brother Thom Evans compete on Strictly Come Dancing, he’s excited to show his sibling his new skills when he puts on the blades. He’s also looking forward to making new friends, as he says the show has a certain “family atmosphere”.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the other celebs involved,” he continued, “the pro skaters and wider members of the team. I love people, meeting new people and hearing people’s stories so I’m looking forward to making new friends and having new experiences.”

Asked about his fears, he says he doesn’t have any about hurting himself because of his past on the rugby field, but he is worried he may hurt his professional partner.

“That would be the worst because recently I watched the top 10 worst injuries on Dancing on Ice online!” he admitted. Not the best idea when you’re about to compete on the very same show, we’d imagine…

Fortunately, Max does say he’s somebody who can take the criticism from the judges, because he’s been “fortunate” enough to not have to face such negativity in the past. “It might be something new to me if I’m having to deal with that,” he said. “I’m having to deal with that. I take constructive criticism as a good thing, it’s only going to make me want to be better.”

Dancing On Ice returns to ITV at 6pm on Sunday, January 7.

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