Celebrity Big Brother is right around the corner, ensuring reality TV lovers across Britain are able to start their New Year with a bang, and this season Channel 5 are bringing not only a slew of new famous faces into the house, but a bunch of fan-favourites as well.

Credit: Channel 5

Credit: Channel 5

So, who's rumoured to be stepping into the house from the bunch of celebs we've seen on Celeb BB before? Look no further, as we're gathered all the tidbits of gossip we've heard below…

Nicola McLean

Even though she tried to break out of the house, Nicola has always been one of our favourite famous contestants. 'Shred! Shred! Shred!' will always be an iconic Big Brother moment and though we may not have agreed with absolutely everything Nicola said or did during her time in the house, she wasn't afraid to enjoy herself, let her hair down and have a bit of fun.

Lauren Harries

'Who wants the cake?' Lauren Harries is a legendary housemate who was for years campaigning to get into the house. When she eventually made it, she certainly didn't let any of us down, entertaining us with her unique personality, fantastic fashion sense, clumsy nature and infectious laugh. Knowing that Big Brother has and will continue to be a big part of Lauren's life is always something fantastic, so to see her get another experience in CBB would be beautiful.

Katie Price

Entering the Celebrity Big Brother house as a late entrant, Katie Price was looking to go into the compound and settle a score with who the tabloids had promised was her 'sworn enemy', Katie Hopkins. The two did exchange volatile words on more than one occasion, but an operation the Pricey had had on her breast implants meant she spent a lot of her time in the house in pain. Could she be gearing up for another go at taking the CBB crown home once again?

Jasmine Lennard

Jasmine's time on CBB was cut too short. She was volatile and may have returned back for a civilian series which saw her get together with one of the contestants, but we need more Jasmine on our screens, and it looks that our wish could be granted when CBB makes its big return. Jasmine was one of the first people rumoured for the show, and we wouldn't be surprised to hear she'd signed on the dotted line to make one final return.

James Jordan

There's no denying James was entertaining during his season of Celebrity Big Brother, but he was tagged with the 'bully' label once his friendship with eventual winner Gary Busey turned around and he sided with the rest of the house against the acting legend. With a smug and arrogant personality, we can't see him ever winning the show, but when you take a look at some of the recent winners of series gone by, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Frenchy Morgan

Not enough good can be said about how entertaining Frenchy was during her CBB stint. Though we of course don't condone how she took a pair of scissors to a fellow housemate's shorts, when she paraded around the house declaring she was going to be 'Loud! Loud! Loud!', we couldn't help but laugh. She's sure to get tensions flowing and won't back down in a fight, which would be a good thing if even half of this rumoured list makes it into the house. Maybe if she went into the house, she'd leave to cheers this time round, after telling the audience to 'shut the f*** up' during her original eviction.

Stephen Bear

Bear is a man who divided audiences more than any celebrity seems to have done in the past. Though many don't think he was deserving to win the last season of the show, win it he did, beating out competition from the likes of EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood and former glamour model Samantha Fox. Stirring up tensions whenever he found himself bored, he managed to get under the skin of most of his fellow housemates, but did form some friendships with fellow reality stars including Marnie Simpson of Geordie Shore and Lewis Bloor of The Only Way is Essex. If he went into the show again in January we think we'd see pretty much of the same, and we're currently suffering from Bear fatigue. Hopefully this is one rumour that doesn't see the light of day.

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is a woman who will say anything for attention - of that I'm sure. She's written some utterly horrendous articles during her stints at both The Sun and The Daily Mail, showing just what type of person she is. Unfortunately, that's exactly the type of person Channel 5 would love to have back in their show. It's always nice to see celebs getting on, but the viewers tend to turn in more often when arguments are running rampant.

Lee Ryan

Going into the house as a favourite, Blue's Lee Ryan exited to a chorus of boos, after his relationships with two fellow housemates - Casey Batchelor and Jasmine Waltz - landed him in hot water. He was ridiculed for playing both of the women off of one another, with Casey's mother even entering the house during a task to scold him and warn her daughter to stay away from him. Now we think he's shaped up and reformed his image a little, so it would be great to see Lee back in the house and making the most of a comeback opportunity.

Calum Best

Calum wasn't the most exciting contestant during his time in the house, so we're not sure why he's rumoured to be going back in other than to provide viewers with a bit of eye candy. He is willing to stand up for himself, but will stay out of any confrontation if he's able to.

Perez Hilton

Another attention-seeking housemate was Perez, who spent his time in the house goading Katie Hopkins, stripping off and simulating sex with various walls and paraphernalia in the garden. As with Hopkins, we think another stint in the house would see him doing much of the same - he's someone who can't help but do his all to get camera time. Describing the period in the house as one of the worst times in his life however, we can't imagine he'll be up for the challenge all over again.

Spencer and Heidi Pratt - 'Speidi'

Speidi were the unlikely runners-up of a season eventually won by Big Brother's Bit on the Side host, Rylan Clark. They wound their fellow housemates up whenever they were given the opportunity and always leant back on the fact they were 'playing the game' and 'playing to win'. They did an incredible job of raising their profile in the United Kingdom and we wouldn't be surprised to see them attempt to do that all over again.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 at 9pm on Tuesday, January 3.

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