Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

The second episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has arrived with a big ol' splash.

This week’s episode is the real deal high-pressure episode of Snatch Game!

JoJo Zaho was the first Queen to leave the competition, and Karen From Finance our first Down Under contestant to win a Maxi Challenge.

We love a good Snatch Game, but this episode falls into the not-so-great pile, unfortunately.

The guest judges this week are the Australian icons themselves, Kylie and Dannii Minogue!

Kicking off the preparation of Snatch Game, both Art and Scarlet have prepared Bindi Irwin, and are each trying to pass off their b*tchy passive-aggression as fun banter, with Art stating: “I guess there’ll be two Bindis, 'cause I’m not changing.”

Heading into the Snatch Game, we got a closer look at who each of the remaining nine Queens would be taking on.

Michelle and Rhys meanwhile were the contestants, which is likely down to the pandemic restrictions surrounding filming.

All of the girls started off strong, and I was itching for a great episode, but it was very clear from the off who was in their element and who was not.

So, let’s go through it!

Antia Wigli’it as Queen Elizabeth II

Anita’s Queen Elizabeth was the show-stealer with her 'subtle' performance, and the inappropriate jokes left us gagging. The jokes were close to the bone and surprisingly dark; I mean, we wouldn't want to p*ss off the queen Anita! You better wear your seatbelt...

Art Simone as Bindi Irwin

The cocky queen waffles a lot and misses most of her own punchlines. The jokes did not make any kind of sense at all, and I felt that she came off very unprepared for someone with so much experience under her belt.

Etcetera Etcetera as Lindy Chamberlain

Etcetera’s Lindy Chamberlain probably offended many people with the inappropriate jokes, but I guess if you have a wicked sense of humour, it will very much up to your street. The 'dingo ate my baby' bit felt a bit one-note, but she survived on sheer confidence and commitment to the part.

Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

Kita Mean as Dr Seuss

Kita started off very quiet but once she got in the flow, she got a few laughs from RuPaul. Especially as her two closest “allies” tried to straight-up sabotage her! The rhyming jokes were funny, and she gave off a good impression.

Coco Jumbo as Lizzo

Coco, unfortunately, follows fellow queens Detox and Phi Phi O’Hara in failing terribly as doing pop star impressions. She may have looked the part, but she overprepared and only used hit song titles to joke. She really disappointed me this week because she has some huge potential.

As for everybody else...

The rest of the Queens just kind of fell in the middle. It’s quite hard to notice and pay attention to all nine contestants in Snatch Game, and that’s why you really need to stand out otherwise, your efforts may go unrecognised.

Ru announced the runway category as ‘Sea Sickening’ and as seen on Twitter, Mother Ru really missed an opportunity to do the runway “Night of 1000 Minogues.” Still, it was an interesting look at how some of the Queens interpreted the category.

When preparing for the runway, Maxi asks what the Queens’ relationships with their parents are like – we see you production that wasn’t very subtle – but Anita tells us about how she was rejected by her father, and it’s just so heartbreaking to hear.

Over on the Main Stage, and Ru is finally in drag, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s CGI in? I don’t know, maybe I’m being sceptical after last week’s show... Art has since taken to her own Twitter to say it isn't the case!

The Queen's outfits on the runway all looked polished, but some outfits didn’t match the high-fashion like others.

Coco’s Ursula looked a little pale in comparison to Kita’s, and Maxi didn’t feel overall sea-related.

When it comes to the critiques, RuPaul, calls Anita out first, announcing she’s the “hands-down” winner.

Kita and Etcetera were saved this week, but the rest of them were all in the bottom for a very “interesting’” Snatch.

The judges told the girls exactly what we were thinking about their snatch games.

Over in the workroom whilst the judges came to a decision, Dannii Minogue gave the Queens some advice over Zoom and the ladies freaked out!

When they returned to the Main Stage however, Ru had to whittle the group down to the bottom two. Coco and Art were called to perform for their place in the competition but, the choice of lip-sync song - RuPaul's I'm That B*tch - left everybody at home scratching their heads! Why not a Kylie or Dannii song?!

Both ladies excelled at the lip-syncing portion of their performances, but I do wish they could've given us some more. Art in the end was sent packing, leaving me gooped and gagged!

I did not expect someone with that much talent to go home so early, but I guess now that leaves the competition wide open...

RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under continues Sundays in the UK on BBC iPlayer.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First.

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