Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

We're back with yet another RuPaul's Drag Race Rucap!

This week’s maxi challenge was to create and brand a soft drink; this included designing the can and producing, as well as starring in the commercial while making sure there was a catchy jingle.

Let us go from top to bottom in this week's surprising turn of events!

Number one is the one and only Symone, darling.

From the get-go of being on set with Ross Mathews and Carson Kressley, Symone showed flawless action, not only proving she can morph into any comedic character she wants, but she can do it effortlessly. The commercial was great, and it hit every aspect. Even Ross and Carson gushed about how natural she is. So, there is no wonder why she won.

Number two? Rosé.

I say Rosé is number two, but I feel like I should re-number it one point five! Not only was her win a surprise, but the presentation of how it was played out was such an “awwh” moment. Her ad proved to the judges that she had a fun side and can poke fun at criticism that has been thrown her way this season.

You could really tell Rosé took it seriously; her professionalism shone through this episode.

Number three is the Boujie Kandy Muse.

Kandy’s personality and playfulness heightened her humour in this challenge, and the judges loved it. She connected her commercial to memes which was clever and a unique idea. It was nice to see that Kandy knew her branding very well, and she was confident throughout the whole challenge.

However, that runway outfit was a big no, a big no. It is a shame that it was poorly executed, like what was with the colours? They don’t blend, it looked cheap, and well, I mean put it in the bin?

Coming in at number four is Olivia Lux.

I feel like the judges are starting to see past Olivia’s luxurious smile, and they are noticing that she doesn’t use all of her strengths together. She has every strength in the competition, the smile, the high fashion, the singing and dancing, but she can not confidently put them all together. She needs to be flexible with her structure of branding it just did not work well for her.

Five baby five! It’s Gottmik.

Gottmik has some real strengths, just like Olivia but this week just was not her week. I love the new make-up look and the motivation around it: basically, she did not want to fall into a repetitive look.

Her commercial was just confusing from the get-go, and although the dumb, lazy Paris Hilton voice worked for her in the Snatch Game, this time it was not interesting to watch and came off quite boring. Luckily, her runway look saved her from the bottom two, to which I don’t think she would have been on based on her track record, but it's RuPaul Drag Race anything can happen!

Six, Six, Utica?

Miss “Creative Force” (thanks for this one Symone,) needs to grow in confidence, her artistic vision is extraordinary, and with the right amount of confidence, she can evolve to be more than weird and quirky. I mean, remember the sleeping bag runway look??

The commercial was funny, you can’t deny that, but it felt like a really rough draft of what she wanted. It was also very weird. Why was Clara the cow there? In fact, why was drinking out of her udder? It was a whole mess.

BUT can we talk about her lip-sync performance to Black Eyed Peas? The runway look was absolutely stunning, and the absurd interpretation really worked for her. We love Lip-Sync Assassin.

Tina burner is number bye bye bye.

Unfortunately, Tina was eliminated this season, and I can feel her frustration with not being saved. It was a branding challenge, and she got penalized for doing her own brand? However, I can see why, I thought the drink was called Hell Yes?? Unlike Gottmik, she didn’t see anything wrong with repeating the same looks, and that’s what got her kicked from the competition.

It was sad to see such a good queen leave so early for her own branding, but without winning anything where else can she go?

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 continues Saturdays in the UK, exclusive to Netflix.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First.

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