Madonna and Guy Ritchie would have celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary today- had they stayed together- so we reflect on their time as a couple. 

Madonna and Guy Ritchie (Credit: Famous)

Madonna and Guy Ritchie (Credit: Famous)

1. The couple married on the 22nd December 2000 at Skibo Castle in Scotland.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow was Madonna's maid of honour and Matthew Vaughn was Ritchie's best man.

3. The entire wedding allegedly cost the couple 1.3 million and they apparently booked out all 21 rooms of the estate for their guests.

4. Madonna's wedding dress was designed by her friend Stella MaCartney.

5. Their son was born on 11th August 2000 in Los Angeles.

6. The pair then adopted a Malawain boy name David.

7. On 15th October 2008, the media began to speculate that they were going to split, which was later confirmed by their spokesperson.

8. On 15th December 2008, a divorce settlement was made in which each party reportedly got 50-60 million which included their London Pub and Wiltshire Estate in England.

9. When it came to the children, Madonna and Ritchie supposedly decided to divide their time equally so half of their time was spent with Madonna in New York and the other half with Ritchie in London.

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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