So you have hit the three year mark and this times it's leather- so what could you get your partner that's made from leather? We take a look!

A Leather Jacket perhaps?

A Leather Jacket perhaps?

Leather Wallet/Handbag/Purse- This is something that men and women are always in need of when their wears out. We all use these every day so they take some hammer. And don't forget to pop some money in the purse or wallet or it's bad luck! If you want to make it extra special- get them a card that slots into their credit card organizer with a verse on- you can buy these from all good card shops.

Shoes- Leather lasts for ages and whether they are for work, dressy or practical -everyone can benefit from a new pair of shoes in their wardrobe.

Belt- Leather belts can be used to finish any outfit, so invest in one of these and let them enjoy the versatility.

Leather Bound Photo Album- Fill it with pictures from the last year so you can look back and remember your holidays, breaks, weekends and triumphs in year three.

Leather Frame- This can look really classy on a study or work desk but choose your picture wisely for this could be the one that all of your partner's work colleagues see.

Leather Luggage Tag/ Passport Holder- If you are a couple that likes to travel or have a trip coming up; this can be personalised or left plain to jazz up their cases or legal documents.

Leather Coasters and Place Mats- If you love to have people around at your house or eat at the table most nights then this can make your dining room table pop.

Leather Coin Tray- If your partner is constantly leaving change lying around this can keep it all in one place and looks stylish as well.

Pouch/ Case- For a tablet, phone, camera or I-pad for instance- this keeps their valuables clean and protected but makes them look pretty snazzy too.

Wash bag- If you are a couple that likes their weekends away, work away or has regular holidays- then this keeps all of their toiletries together and ready for the off.

Diary/Journal- If your anniversary falls around the new year this is perfect or if not- it's always useful to have writing tools at hand for list making, idea recording or just for doodles!

Leather Jacket- If their old jacket is looking a bit past its best then it might be time to splash out and get them to wear something a little more robust.

Watch- With a leather strap- a classy and long lasting accessory for him or her.

Leather Gloves- Great for keeping a grip on steering wheels in the winter and look great with a winter coat for romantic walks in the park while it's snowing.

Leather Keychain- Every time they open their car or the house they will think of you.

Hip Flask- If your partner is one for a sneaky tipple, this is ideal for a swift nip on a cold night.

Leather Furniture- If you want to buy a joint gift, then a leather sofa, chair, headboard or ottoman are investments for your home that will last you for many more anniversaries to come.

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