New research by sleep experts at SleepSeeker has revealed the most common types of dreams and their meanings around the UK, by looking at Google searches in every UK city over the last year to find out how the world dreams. Let's take each one in turn...

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash


If you have a fear of snakes and you see one in your dream, it's tempting to see it as a bad omen or something to be frightened of however snakes can represent positive change.

Snakes are often about shedding an image you have of yourself that is no longer useful or productive.

For instance, you may have held a belief about yourself for a long time that's damaging your confidence or your opinion. You have a negative perception of your worth.

Dreaming about a snake is about you letting go of this negativity because it serves no purpose other than to cause you pain. Or at the very least it’s encouraging you to release these more HERE 


Pregnancy can have lots of different meanings- generally, it's indicative of the growth and development of something.

An idea, a new job, a project, something creative- perhaps you are ready to bring something new into this world- not necessarily a baby- but something else.

You may be reluctant to or think it's a bad idea, but the dreams could be telling you to give it a try.

If you are not ready to talk about it or act on it- that’s ok- but let the idea percolate... read more HERE 


To dream about a cat implies that you are a self-reliant or have an independent spirit.

If this is working well for you- the dreams could be telling you to embrace this even more, however if you tend to rely a lot on others- perhaps you need to try being more self-sufficient.

If the cat had no tail, it’s possible you have recently lost your independence and are trying to get it back.

Similarly, if there was a dead cat in your dream, you might feel the same. What can you do to reclaim your sense of freedom?... read more HERE 


A dog or in a dreams is generally a sign of protection.

The dream is a reminder to you to protect something or someone in your life- perhaps more so than you are now.

Or are you the one who needs looking after?

If the dog was friendly, someone is looking out for you.

A dog can also be a sign of faith and companionship, so perhaps as well as feeling protected, this person also offers you these things too... read more HERE 


Chasing dreams can stem from feelings of anxiety in your waking life.

Perhaps you have an urge to flee a scene or escape a situation because you anticipate a threat somewhere in your home or professional life.

Most of the time, people are being chased in dreams by someone who wants to hurt or even kill them. Do you feel there is someone in your waking hours who genuinely wants you to come to harm? If so it might be time to seek out professional help... read more HERE 


If you were flying easily and enjoying yourself then it could mean you are finally on top of something- a workload or situation that has been a burden on you for a while.

It can also be interpreted as you having risen above something- perhaps you haven't got involved in a situation at work or at home and let others deal with it while you simply looked on. Or maybe someone has tried to get a reaction out of you and it hasn't worked... read more HERE 


Have you done something lately that you regret? If so, do you need to make amends? Perhaps you have wronged your partner in some other way.

Have you gone against your morals and beliefs for all the wrong reasons? You may have found yourself in a dangerous or even illegal situation. Do you need to distance yourself from the people associated or the event?

Cheating dreams can also be linked to the attraction you have for your partner- even more so if you haven’t been intimate yet or are in the early stages of dating when the passion runs high... read more HERE 

Hair falling out 

Wearing a wig in your dream could mean that there are people around you who are being fake. Perhaps you need to distance yourself from them if they aren’t being true to you.

Hair falling out in your dream might mean that you are going to suffer a loss of some kind and to prepare yourself for it... read more HERE 


If you feel overwhelmed or that a situation is out of your control, this is sometimes how it manifests itself. This stress could be the result of something going on at work or a relationship at home.

Maybe you feel you have lost your way and are struggling with the pace of daily life, either personally or professionally.

Falling means you have of a lack of control, so perhaps you think your life is no longer within your grasp because of someone or something. If you suffer from depression this can be a frequent dream and could be a warning sign that you might need some help from someone close to you or a professional... read more HERE 

Crashing a car 

If you were not in the car as it was hit, perhaps it symbolizes a lucky escape from something lately. You might have dodged something in your personal or professional life when you anticipated the situation being much worse.

Seeing an accident from the sidelines often means that you noticed someone else making a mistake during the day. Did you notice an error being made the day before your dream?... read more HERE 

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