Continuing with our series of Bonfire Night related dreams- today we examine what it means to dream about the traditional November 5th food- the toffee apple. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A toffee apple is an apple covered in a hard, sugary coating, so the dream could mean that you are sabotaging yourself. Perhaps you are doing something healthy and starting out with good intentions, but this always results in you undoing your good work. 

This could be exercising and then eating a lot of unhealthy food or taking a break from digital distractions during the week only to spend the entire weekend on your phone. The dream might be telling you not to unravel the effort you put in by pursuing a short sharp burst of negative or bad behaviour. The only person you are letting down is yourself.  

On the other hand, the hard sugary topping could represent a facade you put on for others. Perhaps you are difficult to crack but once people do, they get to know your softer, sweeter side. 

Is this exterior driving people away? Perhaps people are losing patience with trying to break these walls down. It’s possible you need to explore why you put them up in the first place. Is it time to release something from your past in order to let your guard down?

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Toffee apples are a combination of foods that are both bad and good for you. 

Maybe the dream is urging you to strike a better balance between the things that are good for you and the things that are not. 

To work hard BEFORE you play hard. If there is some discord between these two areas of your life, it may be worth trying to rediscover some equilibrium.

Toffee apples are also a merging of ingredients that are unnatural and those that are natural so perhaps the dream is telling you to take a more natural path in something in your waking hours and to discard all that is unnatural. 

This could be a cleaner eating regime or a beauty routine consisting of ingredients found in nature, or re-evaluating the cocktail of supplements and medicines that you are putting into your body. 

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Would you benefit from a more simplistic approach as opposed to a manufactured one in some other area of your life? Perhaps you are overcomplicating something that is fine as it is. Maybe you are dressing something up when it doesn’t need to be. It’s possible you are trying to lure people in by making something shine when it is beautiful as it is even with all of its imperfections. 

Toffee apples are generally served on Bonfire Night, so the dream might be related to feelings of excitement around doing something in the outdoors or to other plans you have for Bonfire Night itself. 

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