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We are all getting used to going for a walk being the new day out, but if you are stuck for other things you can do with your friends to virtually spend time together and celebrate Christmas you are not alone. The below list provides a few ideas of how you can do that, this festive period.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

1. Watch films together

Watching films together is a fantastic way to virtually spend some time with your friends and is the perfect activity to enjoy irrespective of distance. You could all decide on a film together, festive, or otherwise, start and watch it at the same times and share this experience together. The best part is you can agree to video call while you watch and provide each other with that extra narration in the way that you might usually or…you can finally get the best of both worlds by being able to enjoy a film with your friends while still avoiding some unwelcome interruptions. Whether you are for the film time chit-chat or thankful to be able to watch in peace, grab some snacks and a blanket and enjoy your at-home cinema date!

2. Quiz-time

The thought of another zoom quiz might not have you jumping for joy and may instead be giving you some unwanted lockdown nostalgia however your competitive side will soon have you forgetting that. Christmas-themed questions could prove to be very fun, or alternatively choosing yourselves as the subject matter could be very telling about who really knows you. Find out who knows you the best and maybe even find out a thing or two about your nearest and dearest, with a virtual quiz.

3. Secret Santa

Although a day out might not necessarily be on the cards as a gift this year, you can still celebrate the act of giving. There are apps out there that will allow you to relish every step of Secret Santa, everything from drawing the names to choosing the presents, to inputting your friends’ addresses to arrange delivery for the presents- it can all be done online. You will be able to step straight out of your door and it will be like Father Christmas has come early (or your courier though he probably would not be on a sleigh).

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4. Dasher … and a dance(r) around the kitchen

With a sugar rush pending for many of us, after the tub of the sweets that were intended for the week of Christmas were inevitably opened and subsequently finished early, we may be feeling very energetic. One way to get that energy out of our system would be with a good dance around. Your living room, bedroom and kitchen can all make for a good impromptu dancefloor! Although you will almost certainly feel a little silly at first, you will be giggling and grooving in no time. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to do this alone or with your friends, but either way it serves as a great way to let loose and add a little care-free moment to your day.

5. Game On

Multiplayer games have come a long way since glitchy gameplay with people you do not know on the internet. Nowadays there are a plethora of games that you and your friends can play together and same as the quiz, competitiveness will take control and the play again button will be begging you to take it easy. While it might not bring you the usual madness of monopoly, it makes a strong alternative, and may also save you a few arguments along the way.

So, enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, with your favourite people, even if that may look a little different this year and if in doubt a wintery walk is still a sure thing.

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