The class is inspired by Athletic training

The class is inspired by Athletic training

Powered by Lucozade, it is the first class of its kind that brings expertise from iconic athletes to the workout studio.

Fitness First have worked with the experts in their respective fields to bring insights from triple jumper Idowu, long distance runner Farah and gymnast Smith, to life. Reflecting the athlete’s areas of expertise, the class comprises of three components; endurance, speed and power.

The forty-five minute class is available to all Fitness First members in selected clubs across the UK. Members can expect the following style of class;

Step One: Warm-up

A general five minute functional warm up using big moves such as squats, lunges and jumping jacks.

Step Two: Endurance Training & Endurance Competition

The instructor will guide on four endurance exercises for eight minutes. All participants in the class take part with muscular endurance exercises. The class is then split into two groups with these groups battling it out for two minutes.

Exercises include: Squat/Lunge combos, side plank into planks, staggered press ups and buddying up for the competitions.

Step Four: Speed training & Speed competition

Four speed exercises will be outlined by the instructor which will help the participants be prepared for the speed competition session. As before, the room is split into two, and going head to head the two groups battle it out for another two minutes using the speed exercises.

Exercises include: High knee skips, single leg squat thrusts, sprinter crunches, and buddying up and whole group competitions.

Step Five: Power training & Power Competition

Power exercises are key for core and stability training, so these are worked into the final part of the class. Once again, all participants get involved and the groups battle against each other.

Exercises include: Burpee pikes, speed skater jumps, tuck jumps, push press into squats, and whole group competitions.

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