Get ready for the summer months with these exercises

Get ready for the summer months with these exercises

Warmer weather is just around the corner (we hope) and as temperatures begin to rise, there are suddenly less layers of clothing to hide behind. 

Don’t be filled with a sense of dread this sunny season and embrace the summertime with confidence. Fitness First believe that with a positive mindset and the right exercise know-how, anyone can get set to sizzle.

Fitness First Health & Fitness Expert, Lee Matthews has pulled together his best summer slimming secrets which you can do at the home or in the gym:

Arms - Tricep Dips

Improve tone and definition with tricep dips and combat those dreaded bingo wings:

Sit on a step with your back straight and your hands facing inwards, with palms supporting you.
Carefully lift your bottom off the step, (supported by your hands) and shift forwards slightly so your back is clear off the step.
Keep your legs outstretched in front of you (or, for beginners, bend the knees) - this is your starting position.
Bend the elbows, lowering yourself so that your bottom almost (but not quite) touches the floor, and then bring yourself back up, straightening the elbows.
Repeat this move for three sets of 12, about three times per week and you’ll have the confidence to bare those arms!

Legs - Skipping

Whether playing tennis or going swimming, your legs may be on display this summer. To get legs like Pixie Lott – try skipping!

Skipping is great for banishing those thunder thighs and defining your calf muscles.

Ten to twenty minutes of skipping four days a week will give you a perfect pair of pins ready to show off.

Stomach - Crunches

Even supermodels start to quiver at the thought of a stomach-flashing bikini. Try these simple crunches to get flatter and tighter abs fast:

Lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat, keep your hands by your temples and focus on a spot on the ceiling to prevent neck strain.
Lift your upper body towards the ceiling and hold for 2 seconds before lowering to your start position. Make sure you keep your back straight throughout.
Twenty crunches every night is all it takes to see results!

Bottom - Leg Stretches

Want a pert posterior à la Pippa Middleton?

Start on all fours with hands in line with shoulders.
Keeping the pelvis parallel to the ground and pulling your stomach tight, push the sole of one foot up towards the ceiling keeping the knee bent.
Take care in ensuring that your back is straight and the pelvis isn't tilting.
The movement is a pulsing motion up to the ceiling and back down.
Squeeze the buttocks tight and feel the burn. Repeat with the other side.
Complete 20 repetitions on each leg, three times a week which is all it takes to tone up your behind!

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