Danny Cipriani shares his tips for getting in shape this summer

Danny Cipriani shares his tips for getting in shape this summer

Danny Cipriani held a body beautiful bootcamp to help raise money for Heart Research UK and help to get women in shape for summer.

The intense 60-minute fitness class targeted all parts of the body to help fight the flab, and was launched by Groupon.

Danny says: Being active, moving more to get your heart beating faster and spending less time sitting down is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy. Currently only 6% of men and 4% of women in England do the recommended levels of exercise, this is something we need to change. This boot camp was the perfect way to show people how exercise is not only good for your heart but can also be great fun.”

Here Danny shares his fitness tips to help you get in shape.

Danny Cipriani shares his fitness tips

Beach season is fast approaching. What’s the best way to get in shape?

Cardio in the morning is key. If you could do 40 minutes cycling or jogging before breakfast and work it would make a massive difference to your physique. As well as a good diet! 

How can our readers improve their beach bod by changing their diet?

1. Eat fewer carbohydrates at night

2. Eat realistic portion sizes,  don't over eat!

3. A good breakfast will keep you feeling fuller and help you to avoid bad snacks during the day. (I don’t mean a full English!)

4. If you do have to snack, make sure it’s something protein heavy as that keeps you feeling fuller for long. Nuts or protein shakes are quick and easy to find.  

5. Avoid dairy if you can, it’s very fatty and find alternatives, such as soya or almond milk

What’s the best way to get a flat tummy?

Working out before breakfast each morning, even with just a quick jog, is key. 15 minutes of sit-ups and core strengthening exercises will also help.

How can I banish those bingo wings?

Something as simple as 8 reptitions of dumbell raises a day can really help tone up your arms. If you don’t have dumbells, then bottles of water will do the trick.

  • Stand holding a pair of light dumbbells by your sides
  • Keeping your arms straight, slowly raise the weights forwards until your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Pause, then lower. This requires movement around just one joint, putting emphasis on a small number of muscles, so they work harder

How can I tone up my bottom?

With lying hip raises. No equipment is needed so you can do them on your living room floor.

  • Lie back with your knees bent. Place your arms out straight behind your head.
  • Brace your core and squeeze your glutes, raising your hips so your body is straight from your shoulders to your knees.
  • This builds power in the hips and strengthens your posterior chain.

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